Another story about poo.

You’re walking, your long adult legs eating up the distance, and she’s jogging alongside you as fast as she can, holding your hand, making little noises of pain and urgency. You tell her to hold on, the house is just around the corner, we’ll be at the toilet soon, just hold on a little longer, but she can’t so you bend down and she climbs on your back but a few steps and you learn your knees are too sore for that. She can’t hold it anymore and it’s been so long since she’s had an accident, you can’t bring yourself to do that to her, so you take her across the road to the empty plot of land that doesn’t seem to belong to anyone and she squats in the knee high grass and in seconds she’s done a poo right there on the suburban street next to your own. You pull up her pants and now what do you do? You didn’t have time to dig a hole and the poo is just sitting there on the grass. It looks like a paw print doesn’t it mama, she says. You look around but there’s nothing to bury it with. It’s the shape of a paw print look that bit is mama that bit right there. Maybe you could cover it up with something? Look mama she says again it looks just like a paw print and this time you remember to say yes, yes, it really does, and then you kick some grass over it but it’s still a very visible turd. Don’t worry, you tell her. Anyone who comes along will just think it’s dog poo. And then you walk away.


Published by Tara

I'm a kiwi stay-at-home mum of three year old twins. Life's changed a lot for me in the last few years and I've discovered all these words flowing through my veins and racing out my fingertips. The tone of this blog is uneven, I know, but I'm not trying to "build a brand" here. I just want to write and to learn how to write and to be free to write anything in any style I fancy. I like cooking and eating, plants and gardening, animation and manga, graphic novels and jogging and walking in the forest and splashing in the ocean. I used to travel and walk strange streets and then I had kids and I pushed them in the pram, up and down the same roads, day after day after day. Now the kids are getting too big for the pram and I wonder who I'll be next.

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